Рита-СарафХа (astroline) wrote,

о фейском нестяжании:

(нашла в книжке, которую я читаю в машине по дороге в Ригу)

A Fairy went a-marketing,
she bought a little fish;
She put it in a crystal bowl
upon a silver dish.

An hour she sat in wonderment
and watched its silver gleam,
And then she gently took it up
and slipped it in a stream.

A Fairy went a-marketing,
she bought a colored bird;
It sang the sweetest, shrillest song
that she had ever heard.

She sat besides its painted cage
and listened half the day,
And then she opened wide the door
and let it fly away.

A Fairy went a-marketing,
she bought a winter gown,
All stitched about with gossamer
and lined with thistledown.

She wore it all the afternoon
with prancing and delight,
Then gave it to a little frog
to keep him warm at night.

A Fairy went a-marketing,
she bought a gentle mouse,
To take her tiny messages,
to keep her tiny house.

All day she kept its bust feet
pit-patting to and fro,
And then she kissed its silken ears,
thanked it, and let it go.

так она поется:

Tags: magical_beings, планеты, стихоТворение

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